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Redcurrant Mobile Catering

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Assorted including: curried egg, cucumber with mint and cheese, ham & cheese with chutney, ham, cheese & tomato; or salad

Sandwich Platter 1

 40 pieces $50

(Serves 10 - $5 per extra person)

Mini meat pies, mini curried chicken parcels, mini tarts - ham, cheese & corn, leek & mushroom, tomato & basil, asparagus and Spanish tarts.

Soup $8 per person

Served with crusty bread rolls

Spicy pumpkin with coconut milk, potato & leek, minestrone, mulligatawny, spiced lentil with coconut milk, lemon chicken & rice

Assorted including: home cooked corned beef and mustard, home cooked coronation chicken, walnut and cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill flavoured cream cheese, chicken & avocado, chicken waldorf, ham/chicken or beef salad sandwiches

Sandwich Platter 2

 40 pieces $65

(Serves 10 - $5 per extra person)

Hot Food

30 pieces $70

(Serves 15 - $5 per extra person)

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